Bag Love.

Today is Day 2 of the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge.

Yesterday went well, I ate healthy, I ran(well I only ran 2k and walked 4k, it was steamy hot! Hot even for me, especially pushing my over 100 pounds in front of me!) and we did the Chest & Back & Abs P90x videos.

And no wine reward at the end of the night. I really think my issue is that I drink my calories (I like wine and beer, especially on hot nights after doing p90x).

In more exciting news…

We’re planning on a nice driving vacation at the end of July and I really need a safe little bag that I can carry my camera in.

But, it’s gotta look good.

I don’t often spend money, and especially not on myself, but I don’t like ugly bags (hello, those huge ugly industrial black camera bags!).

This is where Portean comes in.

Months ago Averie posted about her new camera bag from Porteen Gear and I drooled.

And I dreamed.

And then this weekend I brought! I used my very small tax refund to buy a new camera bag, and I keep checking daily to see when it will ship (even though I know that it is a pre-order bag and it actually has to be made)

But wouldn’t you be excited for something this pretty:

And Functional:

I am a sucker for shoes and bags, they gotta be pretty and unique (and if they are worth it, like this bag, I will pay the money, but those ugly cloth coach bags? Ewe).

Are you a shoe and Bag Lady? 

3 thoughts on “Bag Love.

  1. your new bag is beautiful! I have collected tons of bags over the years and my Porteen is one of my’re going to love yours!

  2. I’ve been walking a lot more during my runs as well. The heat kills me!

  3. kimert79 says:

    That is a gorgeous camera bag! I now have bag envy! It looks like it would solve all my camera bag problems.

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